Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome to the LIBRARY BLOG!

We are going to talk about books, television, computers and school.....and anything else that you would like to talk about. Remember that everyone and anyone can see what you write here, so -

  • DO NOT sign your real name. Your first name is fine, or just use your initials, or a fake name.
  • DO NOT mention your school, street, neighborhood, or anything else that would help someone identify you
  • BE POLITE! This is a public area, and everyone can see what you write!
  • WRITE CAREFULLY! Do your best to spell and use proper grammar.
Watch for ideas and things to discuss here. I will be posting often, and will have some surprises for you!

Mrs. K.


Beth said...

Great site. This should be fun. I just suscribed to your blog. I may even link you to mine.

Jawon Park said...

Hi Mrs. K, thank you for letting us know blog attitudes. It is very informative for new bloggers. I like your blog and I learned many good information about library events. In fact, since I love the library atmosphere, I enjoy going and being in any library.

rebecca said...

he mrs.karre i was wondering if you had a book on Agusta lovelace shes a matmatician please tell me yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rebecca said...

cool site cool blog system